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BECE 2020 Social Studies Paper 1


Question 1: Which of the following physical changes is a characteristics of adolescent males
A. breaking of voice
B. contraction of pelvis
C. widening of pelvis
D. stalled height

Question 2: Ghana’s high indebtedness to foreign countries can be reduced by
A. ensuring good neighbourliness
B. using locally produced goods
C. investing more in education
D. increasing tax revenue

Question 3: Which of the following officials is not elected?
A. Assembly man
B. President
C. Chief justice
D. Member of parliament

Question 4: One way of improving the economy which Ghana inherited from colonization is
A. forming consumer cooperative societies
B. increasing demands of foreign aid
C. promoting intensive industrialization
D. refusing to send students overseas

Question 5: One factor not likely to bring about cultural change in society is
A. formal education
B. high birth rate
C. informal education
D. superstitious beliefs

Question 6: Akans are said to have migrated from
A. South-Western Nigeria
B. East of Lake Chad
C. Old Ghana Empire
D. Burkina Faso

Question 7: If the time in town (A) on longitude 20° E is 9:00 am.; what will be the time in town (B) longitude 80° E?
A. 1.00 p.m.
B. 1.00 a.m.
C. 8.00 p.m.
D. 5.00 a.m.

Question 8: On which date is the Sun vertically overhead on the Tropic of Cancer?
A. 21st January
B. 21st June
C. 23rd September
D. 21st March

Question 9: Which of the following factors is a cause of unemployment in Ghana
A. polygamy
B. immigration
C. rapid population growth
D. rapid urbanization

Question 10: A layout in which the houses are not orderly arranged is likely to
A. produce rainfall disasters
B. provide water facility easily
C. prevent development of slums
D. prevent the spread of diseases

Question 11: Conflicts in the community can best be prevented when there is
A. love for one another
B. tolerance of opposing views
C. fairness in wealth distribution
D. respect for one another

Question 12: One major reason for Ghana’s corporation with international bodies is that, she
A. has the resources to help others in times of need
B. respect her colonial masters
C. does not want to be isolated in times of future needs
D. needs to expand her foreign exchange

Question 13: Which of the following mostly influences the type of facility provided by District Assembles?
A. The Central Government
B. The needs of the people
C. The general needs of the nation
D. Desire to generate revenue

Question 14: Life and property are protected in the community by the
A. chief and his elders
B. law and order
C. school authorities
D. family heads

Question 15: Entrepreneurs in need of larger capital can come together to form a
A. joint stock Company
B. partnership
C. state corporation
D. sole proprietorship

Question 16: Cultural practices that creates health problems must be
A. reduced
B. modified
C. abolished
D. legalized

Question 17: Which of the following developments is not associated with Sir Gordon Guggisberg?
A. Construction of harbours
B. Promotion of health
C. Europeanization of Ghanaians
D. Establishment of schools

Question 18: Ghana can improve upon her political stability by
A. organizing public education on drug abuse
B. educating the youth against sex trade
C. organizing free and credible election
D. promoting the use of locally manufactured goods

Question 19: Adolescents who involve themselves in drugs and alcohol abuse; risk becoming
A. mentally ill
B. barren
C. financially poor
D. blind

Question 20: Which of the following factors is usually available in the rural areas of Ghana?
A. skilled labour
B. capital
C. Entrepreneurs
D. unskilled labour

Question 21: Which of the following resources must be increasingly used for the rapid development of the nation?
A. Natural resources
B. Human resources
C. Local markets
D. External markets

Question 22: Governance becomes more efficient when the Executive and the Legislature
A. perform each other’s function
B. work independently
C. perform the same functions
D. rely on guidance from Britain

Question 23: Which of the following can promote nation building in Ghana?
A. Democratic living at all places
B. Defending one’s religious beliefs
C. Allowing minors to vote at general elections
D. Reducing family size to prevent unemployment

Question 24: One of the reasons for the signing of the Bond of 1844 was to
A. introduce a better court system
B. appoint Ghanaians into the legislature
C. end British interference in the Gold
D. generate revenue to pay local workers

Question 25: Which of the following is a sketch? A town drawn
A. with arrangement of houses
B. without the arrangement of houses
C. with reference to actual size on the ground
D. without reference to actual size on the ground

Question 26: Which of the following measures cannot provide integration among Ghanaians?
A. Inter-ethnic marriages
B. Fair representation of ethnic groups in governance
C. The study of Ghanaian music and dance in schools
D. Minimising rapid population growth

Question 27: When one behaves in an honest and just manner one performs his/her
A. civic right
B. civic responsibilities
C. natural responsibilities
D. social responsibilities

Question 28: One factor Ghana needs to consider before accepting any co-operation agreement is
A.  fairness
B. population
C. religion
D. distance

Question 29: Life in the rural areas can be improved through the setting up of
A. insurance companies
B. heavy industries
C. agro-based industries
D. foreign banks

Question 30: In order to fully develop our natural resources, we must
A. bring in experts from abroad
B. go for loans from abroad
C. train our human resource
D. compel our youth to undertake farming

Question 31: Which of the following is an effect of rapid population growth in Ghana?
A. High dependency burden
B. Low productivity
C. High standard of living
D. Decrease in food production

Question 32: Which of the following activities does not cause air pollution?
A. Increase of industrial fumes
B. indiscriminate disposal of solid waste
C. poor disposal of human excreta
D. Fishing with chemicals

Question 33: Which of the following conditions is not an effect of irresponsible adolescent behaviour?
A. Increase in productive work force
B. High cost of health care
C. Increase in crime wave
D. High rate of illiteracy

Question 34: Which of the following oceans lies between Africa and America?
A. Artie
B. Atlantic
C. Pacific
D. India

Question 35: The risk bearing of a business organization falls on the
A. customers
B. entrepreneurs
C. workers
D. bankers

Question 36: A bilateral co-operation of countries can best be described as
A. several countries coming together to pursue a common goal
B. several regions in a country coming together to pursue a common goal
C. two countries coming together to pursue a common goal
D. two regions in a country coming together to pursue a common goal

Question 37: The following factors can increase productivity in Ghana except
A. positive work ethics
B. improved salaries
C. involving workers in decision making
D. increasing working hours

Question 38: One disadvantages of Sole proprietorship form of business in Ghana is
A. inadequate capital for expansion
B. lack of unskilled labour
C. inadequate raw materials
D. poor management technique

Question 39: Which of the following is not a characteristic of a disciplined youth?
A. Does not accept to work in the country
B. Upholds the good name of the country
C. Respect elders in the community
D. Does not engage in malpractices

Question 40: The major problem of District Assemblies in Ghana is their inability to
A. generate more funds for development.
B. educate their people on government policies.
C. absorb all the available skilled labour in their community.
D. reduce their expenditure in relation to revenue.

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