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BECE 2020 Religious and Moral Education RME Paper 1

Question 1: Which of the following attributes of God shows that He rules the world?
A. Eternal
B. Creator
C. Omniscience
D. Omnipotent

Question 2: In Islamic creation story, be and it is, found in the
A. Hadith
B. Holy Qur’an.
C. Injil
D. Tora

Question 3: God created plants to give mankind
A. air and weather
B. medicine and seasons
C. shelter and beauty
D. water and weather

Question 4: Which of the following materials is not provided by plants for man's comfort?
A. Food
B. Fuel
C. Medicine
D. Salt

Question 5: According to the Bible, God created woman to
A. control the family
B. feed all mankind
C. keep man company
D. keep the environment clean

Question 6: Referring to God as the Alpha and Omega means that God is
A. present everywhere
B. the beginning and the end
C. the provider of all needs
D. the ultimate reality

Question 7: Toha Zie was nicknamed the red hunter because of his
A. character
B. complexion
C. kindness
D. wisdom

Question 8: The major event that led to the conversion of Umar ibn Al-Khatab into Islam was
A. Muhammad's flight into medina.
B. the beating of his sister
C. the death of Caliph Uthman
D. the preaching of Abu Bakr

Question 9: The name Abraham means
A. exalted father
B. faithful father
C. favoured father
D. nation's father

Question 10: Students are encouraged to participate in religious festivals in order to
A. give thanks to God
B. learn their culture
C. live a chaste life
D. seek for forgiveness

Question 11: Which festival is associated with Penkyi Otu
A. Fetu Afahye
B. Aboakyir
C. Akwambo
D. Kundum

Question 12: The libation offered during traditional marriage is meant to make the spouse
A. beautiful
B. fruitful
C. hardworking
D. religious

Question 13: Payments made to fulfill marriage contract is termed
A. dowry
B. gift
C. sacrifice
D. reward

Question 14: The purity and uprightness of a Muslim depends on his or her
A. celebration of Eid festival
B. constant prayers
C. quranic studies
D. pilgrimage to Mecca

Question 15: Which of the following option refers to Muslims declaration of commitment?
A. Adhan
B. Hadith
C. sunnah
D. Shahada

Question 16: The last prayer recited at the cemetery during an Islamic burial is
A. Janaza
B. Jumt'ah
C. Asr
D. Tarawih

Question 17: The Ka'bah in Mecca is important in Islamic worship because
A. it is the centre of God's revelation
B. its direction is always faced at prayers
C. prayers said there are promptly answered
D. the place is filled with angels.

Question 18: Libation is offered mainly to
A. curse all enemies
B. make worship successful
C. seek the favour of divinities
D. quench the thirst of the gods

Question 19: Non-religious songs are mostly centred on
A. divinities
B. moral values
C. pleasure
D. spiritual satisfaction

Question 20: Removing one's hat when greeting an elderly person constitutes
A. fear of God
B. tolerance
C. comportment
D. good manners

Question 21: Students need to dress decently in order to
A. attract others
B. be smart
C. earn respect
D. be favoured

Question 22: Which of these virtues are applicable of during greetings?
A. Courtesy and tolerance
B. Humility and respectfulness
C. Love and politeness
D. Politeness and sincerity

Question 23: A chaste girl is likely to
A. be teased by peers
B. become beautiful
C. get a good husband
D. marry early

Question 24: Shingles and itching skin infections are symptoms of
B. cholera
C. gonorrhoea
D. diabetes

Question 25: Apostle James wrote his epistle to show
A. how leaders should comport themselves
B. how to win converts
C. obedience to the state
D. true and practical religion

Question 26: Commitment to social values ensures
A. courage and love
B. hardwork and friendship
C. peace and development
D. selfishness and patriotism

Question 27: It is easier to break a single broom stick than to break a whole bunch. The moral teaching of this proverb is
A. commitment
B. patience
C. perseverance
D. unity

Question 28: The Holy Qur'an teaches that humankind was created to
A. control God's creation
B. control the spiritual forces
C. protect God's creation
D. worship and glorify God.

Question 29: You shall have no other God apart from me. This commandment calls for
A. carving of God's images only
B. living a righteous life
C. the respect for God's name
D. the worship of one God

Question 30: Promotion as a means of-reward in schools helps students to
A. be law abiding
B. be respectful
C. join study groups
D. work hard

Question 31: An intelligent student may become swollen headed when he or she
A. is committed to his work
B. is rebuked by school authorities.
C. receives many rewards at school
D. respect his peers and elders.

Question 32: A person must lead a decent life in order to
A. be praised for patriotism
B. be seen as being kind
C. promote peaceful living
D. qualify to be an ancestor

Question 33: People abuse substances because of
A. happiness
B. ignorance
C. problems
D. vengeance

Question 34: At home, the child is responsible for
A. the cleaning of the house
B. the payment of bills
C. the upkeep of the house
D. punishing of siblings

Question 35: Rules and regulations are meant to ensure
A. discipline
B. patriotism
C. success
D. victory

Question 36: Shrines in traditional neighborhoods are used
A. as residents of chiefs
B. for prayers and consultations
C. for the sale of herbs
D. for the settlement of disputes

Question 37: To work means using
A. mental and moral power
B. mental and physical efforts
C. physical and moral efforts
D. spiritual and will power

Question 38: Money offers comfort in life because it
A. helps to make people popular
B. makes people become honest
C. helps in acquiring basic needs
D. promote fear of God in people

Question 39: Time wasted cannot be recovered. This saying means
A. time cannot be recalled
B. time is very precious
C. opportunity missed is lost
D. punctuality leads to success

Question 40: Asafo companies are important because they
A. enstool paramount chiefs
B. help in environmental cleanliness
C. offer employment to people
D. promote local tourism

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