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BECE 2016 BDT (Pre-technical Skills) Paper 2

1 hour 15 minutes
[20 marks]
Answer question 1 [COMPULSORY]

(a) List four stitches that can be used for neatening as well as embroidery work.
[4 marks]

(b) List four dishes which are easily contaminated                                                         [2 marks]

(c)(i)List three sources where information can be obtained to solve design problems [3 marks]

(ii)List two methods of drawing objects in pictorial views.                                [2 marks]

(iii) List two causes of weaknesses in wooden chairs.                                          [2 marks]

(d)(i) State one use of each of the elements listed below in a design

-Texture: [4 marks]

(ii) Explain what a sketch is. [2 marks]

(iii)State one reason why it is necessary to use a sketch when producing an object [1 marks]


[50 marks]
Answer two questions only from this section
All questions carry equal marks

Figure 1 shows the front elevation and plan of an object made from a mild steel sheet.

    Draw full size the following:
    front elevation
    surface development

    (i) State the name of the object shown in Figure 1

(ii)        List two tools used for cutting the mild steel sheet.

    (i) Make a freehand pictorial sketch of a try square.

(ii)        Indicate and label any two parts of the try square sketched in question 2(c)(i) [25 marks]

    (a) List two tools each used in carrying out the following operations in blockwork:

    setting out.

(b)        (i)         Make a freehand pictorial sketch of a spade

(ii)        Indicate and label any two parts of the spade sketched in question 3b(i)

(c)        (i)         State one use of the tenon saw.

(ii)        State one way of maintaining the tenon saw.

(d)       Sketch the representative symbol for each of the following electrical components:

(i)         switch

(ii)        battery.

(e)        Copy and complete the table below:


One Property

One use

(i)   Clay

(ii)  Wawa

(iii) Aluminium

[25 marks]

(a) Copy and complete the table below by supplying one tool each for each of the following operations





(i)   Cutting

(ii)  Measuring

(iii) Striking

(b) Figure 2shows the sketch of a handtool. Use it to answer the following questions:

-Write the name of the tool.
-State one use of the tool
-Identify the parts labelled Q, R and
(c)        State three causes of accidents in the workshop
(d)       State one reason for sprinkling water on sandcrete blocks. [25 marks]

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