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BECE 2020 Home Economics Paper 1


Question 1: The appropriate instrument used for drawing circles on paper is a
A. pair of dividers
B. pair of compasses
C. protractor
D. set square

Question 2: Which of the following methods of drawing is in two dimension?
A. Isometric
B. Oplique
C. Orthographic
D. Perspective

Question 3: In designing and making, the stage where useful information is gathered for solving the problem is
A. analysis
B. investigation
C. situation
D. specification

Question 4: An electronic component which indicates that current is flowing in a circuit is
A. capacitor
B. diode
D. indicator

Question 5:

Question 6:
Question 7: When laying a table for a customer the fork is placed
A. in front of the plate
B. at the right side of the plate
C. across the plate
D. at the left side of the plate

Question 8: A French seam is the most appropriate seam for
A. children's wear
B. heavy weight fabric
C. light weight fabric
D. undergarments

Question 9: In order to retain the nutrients in leafy vegetables
A. cut one hour before cooking
B. cut when ready to cook
C. cut when the water is boiling
D. cut few minutes before cooking

Question 10: Food is preserved mainly to
A. maintain its nutrient
B. make it last longer
C. make it palatable
D. protect micro-organisms in food

Question 11: On the 6-point colour wheel, blue is next to
A. Green
B. Orange
C. Yellow
D. Red

Question 12: Identify the pair that are principles of design.
A. Variety and rhythm.
B. Balance and colour.
C. Repetition and dots.
D. Contrast and shape.

Question 13: The colour violet symbolizes
A. Wealth.
B. Peace.
C. Aggression.
D. Royalty.

Question 14: The inscription BB on a pencil indicates that it
A. is hard.
B. is soft.
C. breaks easily.
D. sharpen well.

Question 15: Which of the following depends on the principles of perspective in design?
A. Balance
B. Foreshortening
C. Repetition
D. Rhythm

Question 16: An important factor to consider when selecting an opening for a garment is
A. Style of garment.
B. The type of fabric.
C. Length of fastening.
D. Colour of fastening.

Question 17: Covering puddings with grease proof paper when steaming is to
A. Make it cook quickly
B. Prevent it from sinking
C. Prevent water from entering
D. Make it rise quickly

Question 18: A characteristic of animal fibre is that they
A. Melt at high temperature.
B. Have low absorption power.
C. Have high absorption power.
D. Are good conductors of heat.

Question 19: An appliqué patch is most often used on
A. Girls uniform.
B. Men’s shirt
C. Pair of trousers.
D. Children’s cotton blouse

Question 20: Buttons and loops are best used on the back neck edge silt of
A. School uniforms for girls.
B. Nurses uniform.
C. Baby's dresses.
D. Blouse for the aged.

Question 21: Dish cloths are used in the kitchen for
A. Wiping working tables and boards.
B. Wiping glassware and cutlery.
C. Removing dishes from oven.
D. Removing dishes from oven.

Question 22: Select the dry methods of cooking from the following
A. Braising and baking.
B. Stewing and roasting.
C. Braising and stewing.
D. Roasting and baking.

Question 23: To transfer pattern markings from paper pattern onto fabric, use
A. Tailor's tacks
B. Basting
C. Tacking
D. Even tacking

Question 24: A suitable temporary stitch used to hold down interfacing of a round collar is
A. Even tacking
B. Long and short tacking
C. Diagonal tacking
D. Tailors tacking

Question 25: Which of the following vitamins can easily be destroyed by heat?
A. Vitamin A
B. Vitamin B
C. Vitamin D
D. Vitamin K

Question 26: Table linen include
A. Cloths and napkins.
B. Crockery and table runners.
C. Table cloth and cutlery.
D. Table mats and glassware.

Question 27: A change in colour of a peeled banana left in the open is due to
A. Yeast activities.
B. Presence of fungi.
C. Fermentation.
D. Oxidation.

Question 28: When frying meat, heat is transferred by means of
A. Radiation.
B. Conduction and convection.
C. Radiation and convection.
D. Conduction.

Question 29: Which of the following is a white fish?
A. Mackerel
B. Cod
C. Herring
D. Tilapia

Question 30: A meal eaten between breakfast and lunch is
A. High tea.
B. Snack.
C. Supper.
D. Confectioner.

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