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BECE 2019 Social Studies Paper 1


Question 1: Environmental degradation is mainly caused by
A. natural disasters.
B. human activities.
C.  civil wars.
D. global warming.

Question 2: Respiratory diseases can be caused by
A. water pollution.
B. land degradation.
C. air pollution.
D. deforestation.

Question 3: The right of a citizen of Ghana does not include
A. equality before the law.
B. freedom from taxes.
C. right to life.
D. right to work.

Question 4: Which of the following factors is mostly needed for the continuous existence of man?
A. Wealth
B. Family
C. Religion
D. Environment

Question 5: The right to be protected and heard at trials is an example of
A. social right.
B. political right.
C. legal right.
D. natural right.

Question 6: The following options are advantages of colonization in Ghana except
A. introduction of formal education.
B. excessive use of foreign goods.
C. introduction of new crops.
D. introduction of paper currency.

Question 7: Which of the following does not constitute environmental degradation?
A. Deforestation
B. Bush burning
C. Air Pollution
D. Mixed farming

Question 8: Which of the following factors is a reason for Ghana’s cultural diversity?
A. Ethnic grouping
B.  Foreign trade
C. Internal trade
D. Colonization

Question 9: Utilities and services are more easily supplied when settlements are
A. built anyhow.
B. close together.
C. far apart.
D. well planted.

Question 10: The dry season in southern Ghana starts from the month of November and ends in
A. February.
B. May.
C. June.
D. April.

Question 11: One of the problems facing the primary production in Ghana is
A. availability of skilled labour.
B. long period of bush burning.
C. poor road network.
D. the use of complex machines.

Question 12: Payments which individuals make regularly to insurance companies is called
A. taxes.
B. salaries.
C. premiums.
D. bonds.

Question 13: People are elected into office of parliament through a process called
A. presidential election.
B. appointment taking.
C. referendum.
D. voting.

Question 14: The evolution of the earth causes
A. day and night.
B. differences in length of day and night.
C. differences in time between two places.
D. rise and fall of oceans tides.

Question 15: The best way to resolve conflicts in Ghana is through
A. peaceful demonstration.
B. law courts.
C. mediation.
D. harsh sanctions.

Question 16: The following are reasons for the migration of ethnic groups in Ghana except
A. peace and security.
B. fertile lands.
C. outbreak of diseases.
D. trade and commerce.

Question 17: One measure that can best help to minimize indiscipline among the youth is
A. police arrest.
B. long-term imprisonment.
C. corporal punishment.
D. access to quality education.

Question 18: The main reason for which Ghana cooperates with other countries is to
A. benefit in times of need.
B. get free goods for her citizens.
C. maintain political stability.
D. prevent attack on Ghanaians.

Question 19: Which instrument is used to measure rainfall amounts?
A. Wind vane
B. Barometer
C. Thermometer
D. Rain gauge

Question 20: Ghana’s contribution to the United Nation (UN) can be seen in the following areas except
A. provision of funds to refugees
B. peace keeping
C. payment of dues
D. sale of produce

Question 21: To effectively build the nation, every Ghanaian must
A. be involved in production process
B. team to speak at least one foreign language
C. join the leading political party
D. study the 1992 Constitution

Question 22: Which of the following is the highest court in Ghana?
A. Traditional Court
B. Magistrate Court
C. Supreme Court
D. Tribunal

Question 23: Ghana lies between latitudes
A.  1° North and 11° North.
B.  5° North and 11° North.
C. 11° North and 15° North. [Bonus]
D. 5° North and 11° South.

Question 24: Paper money is properly handled when it is
A. received from church.
B. not crumpled.
C. not spent.
D. spent wisely.

Question 25: State-Owned Enterprises are established mainly to
A. make substantial profit.
B. produce goods for export.
C. provide vital services.
D. supervise private businesses.

Question 26: Social change in rural areas is slow because of
A. customs and traditions.
B. poverty and unemployment.
C. rural-urban migration.
D. rural-rural migration.

Question 27: Which of the following features is not associated with rivers?
A. Waves
B. Delta
C. Meander
D. Valley

Question 28: If the time is 12 noon at longitude 0°, what will be the time at a place on longitude 15°E?
A. 12:30 pm
B. 12:30 am
C. 1:00 pm
D. 1:00 am

Question 29: The application of checks and balances in democratic governments helps to prevent
A. plebiscite.
B. dictatorship.
C. voting.
D. unemployment.

Question 30: Which institution is responsible for making the main laws of Ghana?
A. District Assembly
B. Parliament
C. Supreme Court
D. Jury

Question 31: Which of the following languages is not indigenous to Ghana?
A. Dagaare
B. Dagbani
C. Hausa
D. Ga

Question 32: The type of settlement where buildings are arranged close to each other is
A. linear.
B. dispersed.
C. nodal.
D. nucleated.

Question 33: If the scale of a map is 1 : 100, 000, what will be the actual distance when 4cm is measured on the map?
A. 44 km
B. 41 km
C.  40 km
D.  4 km

Question 34: Private businesses can ensure their continuous survival mainly through
A. exporting their products.
B. making more profits.
C. paying less tax to the government.
D. production of quality goods.

Question 35: Ghanaians can contribute towards rapid development of the nation by
A. engaging in the domestic trade.
B. importing more food items.
C. participating in festivals.
D. patronizing made in Ghana goods.

Question 36: Which of the following conditions will occur when fire breaks out in a poor layout community?
A. Selling in the streets
B. Evening markets may spring up
C. Loss of property and life
D. Armed robbery cases may rise

Question 37: The financial security of an individual can be assured through
A. bank loan.
B. borrowing.
C. hard work.
D. money saving.

Question 38: Improvement in tourism is important for the rapid development of the nation because, more
A. local tourists will leave the country.
B. infrastructure will be provided.
C. local tourists will not visit places of interest.
D. tour guides will be unemployed.

Question 39: The physical environment can best be protected through
A. building of dams.
B. burning of refuse.
C. recycling of waste.
D. underground mining

Question 40: A bill passed by parliament becomes law when the president gives his
A. veto.
B. assent.
C. accord.
D. authority.

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