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BECE 2017 Home Economics Paper 1


Question 1: A common method of cooking ripe plantain for sale is
A. boiling.
B. roasting.
C. grilling.
D. baking.

Question 2: To shorten the cooking time for meat,
A. slice along the grain.
B. cut into small pieces.
C. slice into thin pieces.
D. cut across the grain.

Question 3: In taking body measurement, a firm tape measure is needed to
A. save time.
B. avoid wasting fabric.
C. obtain accuracy.
D. make sewing easy.

Question 4: Which of the following principles of design is similar to proportion?
A. Balance
B. Perspective
C. Rhythm
D. Scale

Question 5: A preliminary design is meant to
A. improve creativity.
B. increase production.
C. make sketches.
D. produce ideas.

Question 6:

Question 7:
Question 8: A single unit of a design is known as
A. motif.
B. pattern.
C. plan.
D. print.

Question 9: Angles are measured by using a
A. compass.
B. protractor.
C. rule.
D. set square.

Question 10: In designing, the analysis question, what is the purpose of the unit? falls under
A. construction.
B. ergonomics.
C. function.
D. material.

Question 11: To repair an electrical fault, a safety precaution to observe is to
A. disconnect live wires.
B. remove fuse.
C. remove cover of socket.
D. switch off main supply.

Question 12:  Which of the following is not a cause of weakness in furniture?
A. Loose joint
B. Insufficient polish
C. Overloading
D. Removal of nail

Question 13: The tee-square is used for drawing
A. arcs.
B. circles.
C. horizontal lines.
D. vertical lines.

Question 14: Identify the type of lettering used for emphasis.
A. Freestyle
B. Gothic
C. Italics
D. Romans

Question 15: Strips cut on the true cross of fabric are usually used for curved edges because they
A. stretch easily.
B. do not fray.
C. are easily prepared.
D. are colourful.

Question 16: The best fastening for the full back opening of a fourteen year old school girl’s uniform is
A. press studs.
B. zipper.
C. velcro.
D. tapes.

Question 17: When making a shirt sleeve, the two rows of gathering stitches are worked on the
A. seam allowance of the sleeves.
B. hem of the sleeves.
C. side seam of the sleeves.
D. cap of the sleeves.

Question 18: The most suitable pocket found on men’s classic shirt is
A. bound.
B. in-seam.
C. patch.
D. welt.

Question 19: In attaching a turnover to a shirt, the first process to work on is the
A. joining and stitching of the side seam.
B. preparation and fixing of a pocket.
C. joining and stitching of the shoulder.
D. preparation and setting in of sleeve.

Question 20: The French seam is the most appropriate seam for
A. children’s wear.
B. heavy weight fabrics.
C. light weight fabrics.
D. undergarment.

Question 21: A repair work done by weaving thread into weakened portion of article is termed
A. renovating.
B. darning.
C. remodeling.
D. patching.

Question 22: An advantage of freehand cutting is that
A. it is good for mass production.
B. it is good for beginners.
C. it conserves time and energy.
D. there is no need for pattern drafting.

Question 23: The most important factor to consider when buying canned food is the
A. weight.
B. label on product.
C. colour.
D. expiry date.

Question 24: In order to retain the nutrients in leafy vegetables,
A. cut one hour before cooking.
B. cut when ready to cook.
C. cut when the water is boiling.
D. cut few minutes before cooking.

Question 25: In table setting, a cover refers to the space
A. beside the person’s seat.
B. left of the person’s seat.
C. in front of the person’s seat.
D. right of the person’s seat.

Question 26: The basic ingredients for preparation of batter are
A. flour, egg and milk.
B. flour, egg and oil.
C. flour, egg and yeast.
D. flour, egg and baking powder.

Question 27: Food is preserved mainly to
A. maintain its shape.
B. make it last longer.
C. make it palatable.
D. protect micro organism.

Question 28: A suitable flour used to prepare bread is
A. soft flour.
B. self raising flour.
C. composite flour.
D. strong flour.

Question 29: Which of the following dishes is garnished with lemon and parsley?
A. Grilled mackerel
B. Grilled chicken
C. Roast lamb
D. Beef loaf

Question 30: Which of the following is a white fish?
A. Mackerel
B. Cod
C. Herring
D. Tilapia

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