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BECE 2000 English Language Paper 2

1 hour

Answer two questions in all: one question from each section.
Each composition should contain at least 200 words
Credit will be given for clarity of expression and orderly presentation of material

[30 marks]
Answer one question only from this section.

1. Write a letter to Chairman of the Town Development Committee of your area telling him about the poor sanitation in your community. Suggest at least two ways of improving the sanitation.

2. Write a letter to your friend in another town describing not less than two interesting things in your hometown

[30 marks]
Answer one question only from this section

3. Narrate to your friends an interesting story your grandmother told you.

4. As the Senior Prefect of your school, you have been invited to tell the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)
what your school needs most. Write your speech.
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