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BECE 2020 Integrated Science Paper 1

Question 1: Which of the following parts of the tooth is embedded in the jaw bone?
A. Gum
B. Neck
C. Root
D. Crown

Question 2: Which part of the human body stores sperms temporarily?
A. Epididymis
B. Scrotum
C. Prostate gland
D. Sperm duct

Question 3: An advantage of soft water over hard water is that soft water
A. is good for the formation of strong bones in humans
B. prevents heart diseases
C. has a pleasant smell
D. saves a lot of soap when used in washing

Question 4: The work done by force of 20 N on a body is 60 J. Calculate the distance through which the force moved
A. 8.0 m
B. 4.0 m
C. 3.0 m
D. 2.0 m

Question 5: Which of the following processes removes carbon from the atmosphere?
A. Respiration
B. Burning
C. Decomposition
D. Photosynthesis

Question 6: A substance which is made up of the same kind of atoms is called
A. a compound
B. an element
C. a mixture
D. an ion

Question 7: Which of the following statement(s) is/are true of a shadow? A shadow is formed
I. by a transparent object,
II. by an opaque object,
lll. on a screen.
A. I only
B. II only
C. I and lll only
D. II and lll only

Question 8: Which of the following diseases results from malnutrition?
A. Scurvy
B. Measles
C. Measles
D. Gonorrhoea

Question 9: The chemical formula of an aluminum sulphide is AlᵧS₃. Determine the value of y.
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

Question 10: Which of the following sources of energy is/are renewable?
I. Wind
II. Coal
III. Crude oil
A. I only
B. I and II only
C. II and III only
D. I, II and III

Question 11: Clayey soils are described as heavy because they
A. have high water-holding capacity.
B. contain a lot of stones.
C. have large air spaces.
D. are difficult to till.

Question 12: An example of a legume is
A. groundnut
B. millet
C. sorghum
D. sweet potato

Question 13: The process used to separate a mixture of iron filings and sulphur is
A. magnetic attraction
B. sublimation
C. distillation
D. evaporation

Question 14: The colour of a soil profile determines the
A. depth at which implements are set
B. drainage ability of the soil
C. fertility of the soil
D. type of tool to use

Question 15: The end-product of digestion of fats and oil is
A. amino acid
B. glucose
C. maltose
D. fatty acid and glycerol

Question 16: The unit of potential difference is
A. ampere
B. watt
C. ohm
D. volt

Question 17: A stone displaced 20 cm³ of water when immersed in the water. If the mass of the stone is 40 g, find the density of the stone.
A. 60 g cm⁻³
B. 40 g cm⁻³
C. 2 g cm⁻³
D. 0.5 g cm⁻³

Question 18: One similarity of physical and chemical changes is that both
A. are easily reversible
B. result in change of state of matter
C. produce no change in mass
D. are accompanied by great heat change

Question 19: Which of the following elements is a macro-nutrient?
A. Copper.
B. Manganese
C. Zinc
D. Sulphur

Question 20: The process by which metabolic wastes are removed from the body is called
A. respiration
B. excretion
C. ingestion
D. egestion

Question 21: The part of the flower that produces pollen grains is the
A. stamen
B. filament
C. petal
D. anther

Question 22: Which of the following statement(s) about pressure in fluids is/are correct? Pressure
I. decreases with depth
II. increases with depth
III. does not depend on the area
A. l only
B. II only
C. I and III only
D. II and III only

Question 23: A boy who is seventeen years old is an
A. adult
B. adolescent
C. old person
D. infant

Question 24: The mode of heat transfer in which no material is involved is known as
A. conduction
B. convection
C. expansion
D. radiation

Question 25: Which of the following factors are used to describe a fertile soil?
I. Amount of organic matter
II. Colour
III. Texture
A. I and II only
B. I only III only
C. II and III only
D. I, II and III only

Question 26: The major charge carriers in p-type semiconductors are
A. anions
B. electrons
C. holes
D. neutrons

Question 27: The dry season in Ghana is mainly from
A. January to March
B. April to June
C. July to September
D. October to December

Question 28: The practice that excess branches of growing plants are removed is termed
A. mulching
B. pruning
C. thinning
D. staking

Question 29: Which of the following soil type has the highest capillarity?
A. Clay
B. Loam
C. Sand
D. Silt

Question 30: Which of the following farming practices promote soil erosion?
I. Alley cropping
II. Bush burning
III. Over grazing
A. I and II only
B. I and III only
C. II and III only
D. I, II and III

Question 31: The nearest planet to the sun in the solar system is
A. Earth
B. Mars
C. Mercury
D. Venus

Question 32: In which of the following devices is electrical energy transformed into light energy?
A. Electric bell
B. Fluorescent tube
C. Lantern
D. Radio

Question 33: An example of a semi-metal is
A. silicon
B. carbon
C. beryllium
D. argon

Question 34: The elements in the periodic table are arranged according to their
A. atomic number
B. atomic mass
C. mass number
D. neutron number

Question 35: Which of the following states of matter are fluids
I. Solid
II. Liquid
III. Gas
A. I and II only
B. I and II only
C. II and III only
D. I, II and III

Question 36: A liquid-liquid mixture can be separated by
A. filtration
B. evaporation
C. sublimation
D. distillation

Question 37: When an unknown solution reacted with magnesium, a gas was produced. Which of the following solutions could be the unknown solution?
A. Sodium chloride solution
B. Sodium hydroxide solution
C. Hydrochloric acid
D. Calcium nitrate solution

Question 38: Which of the following statements about acids are correct?
I. They react with the calcium carbonate to give a gas
II. They turn red litmus paper blue
III. They react with reactive metals to give a gas
IV. They turn blue litmus paper red
A. I, II and IV only
B. I, II and III only
C. II, III and IV only
D. I, III and IV only

Question 39: The structure which enables a fish to breathe in water is
A. buccal cavity
B. gills
C. swim bladder
D. lungs

Question 40: A fruit in which the pappus has been modified into a parachute structure is dispersed by
A. explosion
B. mammals
C. water
D. wind

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