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BECE 2020 Information and Communication Technology ICT Paper 1

Question 1: A computer model that looks like a brief case is called
A. tower
B. laptop
C. desktop
D. palmtop

Question 2: The following components are forms of pointing devices except
A. mouse
B. cursor
C. trackball
D. touch pad

Question 3: Which of the following devices provides permanent storage of information for the future retrieval and use?
A. Modem
B. Light pen
C. Sound card
D. Memory stick

Question 4: The process of putting the computer into a state of readiness for operation is referred to as
A. booting
B. loading
C. locating
D. starting

Question 5: The operating system is a type of
A. system software
B. program software
C. application software
D. communication software

Question 6: The duplication of an original document is referred to as
A. backup
B. copying
C. back down
D. production

Question 7: The following techniques are primary sources of data collection except
A. surveys
B. interviews
C. information
D. questionnaire

Question 8: Which of the following reasons best describes copyright protection?
A. To copy intellectual properties
B. To hide intellectual properties
C. To keep intellectual properties
D. To protect intellectual properties.

Question 9: The combination of letters and numbers as used in computing environment termed
A. letters
B. characters
C. alphanumbers
D. alphanumeric

Question 10: A set of cells in the vertical direction in a spreadsheet application is called
A. row
B. sheet
C. column
D. active cell

Question 11: The software that manages the communication between the hardware and the application software is
A. open office
B. Microsoft office
C. utility software
D. operating system

Question 12: Which of the following data measuring units is not in the computer field?
A. Gigabyte
B. Kilobyte
C. Megabyte
D. Zingabyte

Question 13: The following options are computer output devices except
A. monitor
B. printer
C. scanner
D. projector

Question 14: One megabyte of data is approximately equal to
A. 1,000 bytes of data
B. 10,000 bytes of data
C. 100,000 bytes of data
D. 1,000,000 bytes of data

Question 15: Which of the following options will lead to warm booting?
A. Log off
B. Turn off
C. Restart
D. Hibernate

Question 16: An operating system has all the following features except
A. icons
B. scroll bar
C. system tray
D. wall paper

Question 17: Which of the following tools gives the user a log of all opened applications?
A. Task bar
B. Title bar
C. Start menu
D. wall paper

Question 18: Which of the following options is not a safety measure?
A. Danger
B. Security
C. Anti virus
D. protection

Question 19: The following options are possible health hazards of prolonged use of the computer systems except
A. numbness
B. eye strain
C. good vision
D. back pains

Question 20: The practice of copying and distributing information without the permission of the owner is known as
A. spam
B. piracy
C. privacy
D. copyright

Question 21: To edit a word document, the user must first
A. bold the word
B. format the word
C. select the word
D. underline the word

Question 22: The acronym ISP stands for
A. Internet system provider
B. Internet service provider
C. Information system provider
D. Information service provider

Question 23: A tool for locating information on the internet is called
A. website
B. web browser
C. search engine
D. information search

Question 24: In computing, an element which links one document to another or within the same document is referred to as a
A. pointer
B. hyperlink
C. web page
D. web browser

Question 25: It is appropriate to use a backup when the original file is
A. new
B. lost
C. fresh
D. intact

Question 26: A user can arrange icons by
I. Date,
II. Type,
III. Name,
IV. Colour.

The correct option by which the user can arrange the icons are?
A. I and II only
B. I, II, and III only
C. I, II, and IV only
D. II, III and IV only

Question 27: A teacher who uses a video to teach students is making use of ICT in
A. education
B. communication
C. entertainment
D. advertisement

Question 28: To centre text in a word processing application, use the keyboard keys combination
A. Ctrl + U
B. Ctrl + L
C. Ctrl + E
D. Ctrl + B

Question 29: The keyboard keys combination that will allow a user to move from the current cursor position in a word document to the beginning of the first line of the first page is
A. Ctrl + end
B. Ctrl + tab
C. Ctrl + home
D. Ctrl + page up

Question 30: The justify command will align the selected text to
A. the left of the margin
B. the right of the margin
C. the centre of the margin
D. both left and right of the margin

Question 31: The align centre command will place the selected text at the center of the
A. page
B. print
C. window
D. screen

Question 32: Highlighting a text is similar to
A. editing the text
B. selecting the text
C. formatting the text
D. paragraphing the text

Question 33: Which of the following menu options contains the print command in word processing application window?
A. File
B. Edit
C. View
D. Format

Question 34: The keyboard shortcut keys for Printing a document is
A. Alt + P
B. Ctrl + P
C. Alt + print
D. Ctrl + print

Question 35: The set rules that enables different types of computers and networks on the internet to communication with one another is the
A. internet
B. network
C. protocol
D. communication

Question 36: Which of the following computer components is used to display the desktop icons?
A. Mouse
B. Monitor
C. Joystick
D. system unit

Question 37: Computer devices such as mouse and joystick are referred to as
A. output devices
B. network devices
C. pointing devices
D. standard devices

Question 38: The intersection of a row and a column is called
A. cell
B. data
C. formula
D. worksheet

Question 39: The spreadsheet cell that a user works in at any given time is called
A. active cell
B. inactive cell
C. adjacent cell
D. working cell

Question 40: Cell address is normally displayed in the
A. title bar
B. status bar
C. name box
D. formula bar

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