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BECE 2018 Information and Communication Technology ICT Paper 1

Question 1: How many characters make up a byte?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

Question 2: Which of the following devices sends commands into the computer?
A. Keyboard
B. Pen drive
C. Printer
D. System unit

Question 3: Which of the following storage media normally stores the operating system?
A. Flash disk
B. Hard disk
C. Magnetic tape
D. Zip disk

Question 4: Using a computer application is known as
A. installing
B. launching
C. operating
D. running

Question 5: The system tray is also called
A. clock
B. notification area
C. quick launch
D. taskbar

Question 6: The default storage location for files and folders is
A. My Briefcase
B. My Computer
C. My Documents
D. My Network Places

Question 7: Which of the following statements are true about files?
I. A file can be renamed whilst it is open.
ll. A file cannot be deleted whilst it is open.
lll. A file deleted from a compuer may be found in recycling bin or trash bin.
A. I & II only
B. I & III only
C. II & Ill only
D. I, II & Ill

Question 8: Which of the following devices is used to process information?
A. Computer
B. Speedometer
C. Thermometer
D. Weighing scale

Question 9: Which of the following items is not a source of computer virus?
C. Internet
D. Pen drive

Question 10: How many arrow keys are found on the computer keyboard?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5

Question 11: In a Spreadsheet application, which of the following displays the contents of the active cell
A. Formula bar
B. Menu bar
C. Name box
D. Standard toolbar

Question 12: The following are components in the system unit except

Question 13: Microsoft Word, Encarta Kids, Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing are examples of
A. application software.
B. operating system.
C. open-source package.
D. system software.

Question 14: The following are input devices except
A. keyboard
B. monitor
C. mouse
D. scanner

Question 15: From which of the following storage media will deleted items be sent to the recycle bin?
A. Flash disk
B. Floppy disk
C. Hard disk
D. Zip disk

Question 16: The name given to the background area of a computer when turned on is
A. desktop
B. folder
C. icon
D. window

Question 17: Which of the following is used as a shortcut means to open files, folders and programs?
A. Desktop
B. Icon
C. Screen
D. Start menu

Question 18: A folder inside another folder is called
A. attached folder
B. main folder
C. parent folder
D. subfolder

Question 19: Which of the following is the effect of loud ringing tone?
A. Headache
B. Hearing impairment
C. Neckpain
D. Wrist pain

Question 20: The computer program designed to prevent viruses from damaging the computer and its files is called
A. anti-virus
B. virus
C. virus infestation
D. virus protector

Question 21: The default orientation for a Word document is
A. A4
B. landscape
C. letter
D. portrait

Question 22: In a web browser, where is the website address typed?
A. Address bar
B. Homepage
C. Menu bar
D. Status bar

Question 23: Radio satellite setup has two parts namely receiver and
A. broadcaster.
B. recorder.
C. transformer.
D. transmitter.

Question 24: A system of interconnected computers, telephones, or other communication devices that can communicate with one another and share applications and data is referred to as
A. extranet
B. internet
C. intranet
D. network

Question 25: The capacity of the 3½inches floppy disk is
A. 80KB
B. 1.2 MB
C. 1.44MB
D. 2.88MB

Question 26: The background image that appears on a computer desktop is known as
A. background theme.
B. background panel.
C. screen saver.
D. wallpaper.

Question 27: Which of the following programs would support the study of Mathematics?
A. CorelDraw
B. Encarta
C. MS-Excel
D. MS-Word

Question 28: To create a space between characters, word and sentences, use the
A. backspace key.
B. enter key.
C. shift key.
D. space bar key.

Question 28: To create a space between characters, word and sentences, use the
A. backspace key.
B. enter key.
C. shift key.
D. space bar key.

Question 30: Making changes and corrections of grammatical errors to an existing document is referred to as
A. correction
B. deleting
C. editing
D. formatting

Question 31: Which of the following keyboard keys can be used to delete characters in a Word Processing program?
A. Backspace
B. Shift
C. Space bar
D. Tab

Question 32: Which computer keyboards key should be pressed to start a new paragraph in a Word Processing document?
A. Control + Enter key
B. Down cursor key
C. Enter key
D. Shift + Enter key

Question 33: Which of the following bars dislays the heading of an open window?
A. Menu bar
B. Status bar
C. Standard toolbar
D. Title bar

Question 34: The print preview button is located on which of the following toolbars?
A. Drawing
B. Formatting
C. Header and Footer
D. Standard

Question 35: Which of the following is compulsory when composing and sending an email?
A. Message Body
B. Message Header/Subject
C. Recipient’s E-mail Address
D. Sender’s Name

Question 36: Specialized program that assists a user to locate information on the web and on the internet is called
A. agents
B. search engine
C. web
D. web portal

Question 37: Which of the following is a complete website address?
A. hhpp://
B. hhtp://www/
D. htpp://

Question 38: In Spreadsheet application, which of the following symbols represents multiplication?
A. * (Bonus)

Question 39: Which of the following is used for multiplication operation in Spreadsheet functions?

Question 40: Which of the following is used to find the minimum number among a set of numbers in Spreadsheet functions?

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