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BECE 2017 Information and Communication Technology ICT Paper 1

Question 1: A group of instructions that directs a computer is called
A. logic.
B. memory.
C. program.
D. storage.

Question 2: Devices that extend their services to enhance the function of the computer are called
A. hardware.
B. software.
C. peripherals.
D. firmware.

Question 3: The physical material on which a computer keeps data, instructions, and information is called
A. primary storage.
B. secondary storage.
C. tertiary storage.
D. cache storage.

Question 4: When a computer is on, it is normally termed
A. information.
B. programming.
C. running.
D. working.

Question 5: Working with more than one application at the same time is known as
A. double tasking.
B. multitasking.
C. running.
D. launching.

Question 6: The duplication of an original document is referred to as
A. backup.
B. back down.
C. production.
D. copying.

Question 7: The steps data go through to become information are
A. information steps.
B. information technology.
C. information processing cycle.
D. information distribution.

Question 8: Which of the following is a keyboard layout format?

Question 9: Which of the following programs has features like gridbook?
A. Microsoft Paint
B. Spreadsheet
C. Open Source Writer
D. Microsoft Word

Question 10: System software is a platform which runs
A. source codes.
B. application software.
C. operating system.
D. utilities.

Question 11: The memory that stores permanent instructions is referred toas
A. random access memory
B. read only memory
C. write once many memory
D. virtual memory

Question 12: The interaction between thee input and output devices is controlled by the

Question 13: Which of the following is NOT a storage device?
A. Pen drive
B. Touch pad
C. Hard disk
D. Floppy disk

Question 14: To boot a computer system, the user needs
A. word processing software
B. printer attached
C. virus checking program
D. operating system

Question 15: The following are features on the GUI except
A. command line
B. icon
C. menu driven
D. window

Question 16: When files are cleared from the computer, it is known as
A. restoring
B. editing
C. deleting
D. removing

Question 17: Viewing television for long period can damage an individual's
A. nose
B. eye
C. feet
D. mouth

Question 18: The following are good posture positions when using a computer except
A. back straight
B. eyes on monitor
C. elbows on the table
D. feet on the floor

Question 19: The ethical issue that relates to the responsibility of those who collect data to ensure that the data is correct is
A. accuracy
B. privacy
C. access
D. ethcs

Question 20: The legal right to control the production and selling of a book, play, film, or software is  called
A. production right
B. copyright
C. trader right
D. patent

Question 21: A word document created with a word processing program will have the extension
A. .doc
B. .txt
C. .ppt
D. .xls

Question 22: A collection of linked documents or pages stored on millions of computers and distributed across the world is called
A. Internet.
B. Hyperlink.
C. World Wide Web.
D. Browser.

Question 23: The set of rules that enables different types of computers and networks on the internet to communicate with one another is the
A. internet rules.
B. protocols.
C. network rules.
D. communication rules.

Question 24: The fastest form of sending information is through the
A. Ghana Post.
C. E-mail.

Question 25: After work, your mother decided to bring a copy of the data home to work on.
Which of the following storage devices would you advise her to use?

I.    RAM
II.    Floppy disk
III.    Pen drive
IV.    Hard disk
A. I and II only
B. II, III and IV only
C. II and III only
D. I, II, III and IV

Question 26: The process of moving different portions of a document on the screen into view is called
A. downward.
B. upward.
C. moving.
D. scrolling.

Question 27: Which of the following is NOT a reason for using ICT in education?
A. ICT tools increase learner motivation and engagement.
B. ICT tools facilitate the acquisition of basic skills in Maths, English, Science, etc
C. ICT tools enhance teaching through the use of presentation software.
D. ICT tools force students to learn at others’ pace.

Question 28: Which of the following computer keyboard keys are used for issuing commands?
A. Alphanumeric
B. Numeric
C. Standard
D. Function

Question 29: Which of the following mouse buttons when clicked, provides a menu which a user can choose from?
A. Left button
B. Right button
C. Scroll ball
D. Scroll button

Question 30: Making changes to an existing document is referred to as
A. creating.
B. modifying.
C. adjusting.
D. editing.

Question 31: A symbol on the screen that indicates where the next character typed will appear is
A. text mark.
B. indicator.
C. pointing stick.
D. insertion point.

Question 32: Which of the following steps can be used to change font type of a document?
A. Format/Select/Font/Font Type
B. Font/Select/Format/Font Type/Ok
C. Select/Format/Font Type/Ok
D. Format/Font/Highlight/Ok/Font Type

Question 33: The Standard Toolbar contains buttons that
A. control page margins and tabs.
B. perform the most common tasks.
C. help users navigate through the document.
D. close and resize windows.

Question 34: In using MS Word, one can decide to see exactly how the pages of the current document will appear when printed. Which of the following best describes this?
A. Printer Print
B. Print Preview
C. Printer View
D. Print View

Question 35: The basic information on the internet can be in the form of the following except
A. text.
B. sound.
C. graphic.
D. game.

Question 36: If you want any information on the internet that contains the keywords “Kofi”, “Annan” and “Ghana”, which of the following would be the most appropriate search text to provide to the search engine?
I.    Search for Kofi Annan and Ghana on any website
II.    I want any information on Kofi Annan and Ghana
III.    Kofi Annan Ghana
A. I only
B. II only
C. I and II only
D. III only

Question 37: A student wants to search for information on the internet to have solution to the ICT assignment from school. Which of the following do you recommend for him/her to use?
A. E-mail Address
B. Search Engine
C. Compose
D. Inbox

Question 38: A set of cells in the horizontal direction in a spreadsheet application is called
A. active cell.
B. column.
C. row.
D. sheet.

Question 39: In spreadsheets, you can create a relationship between two cells using
A. numbers.
B. text.
C. formulae.
D. rows.

Question 40: The sign used to prompt a spreadsheet that a user is about to apply a formula/function to a cell is
A. = or +
B. = or –
C. = or *
D. = or /

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