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BECE 2015 Religious and Moral Education RME Paper 1

Question 1: Which of the following people was commanded by God to build an ark?
A. Joseph
B. Jacob
C. Noah
D. David

Question 2: Who gave the tomb in which Jesus was buried?
A. Simon of Cyrene
B. Joseph of Arimathea
C. Nicodemus
D. Zebedee

Question 3: What is the second pillar of Islam?
A. Salat
B. Sawm
C. Zakat
D. Hajj

Question 4: On what occasion does Muslims perform the Janazah prayer?
A. Before a Muslim travels
B. After observing a fast
C. During Friday worship
D. When a Muslim dies

Question 5: The main reason for the celebration of Odwira festival is for community
A. Development
B. Preservation
C. Purification
D. Re-organization

Question 6: Which of the following animals provides security to man?
A. Goat
B. Donkey
C. Dog
D. Cow

Question 7: Puberty rites should be encouraged because it
A. Links the youth to adulthood
B. Helps the youth to become rich
C. Promotes chastity among the youth
D. Makes the youth look more attractive

Question 8: Which of the Ten Commandments instructs Christians to be content with what they have?
A. First
B. Fourth
C. Eighth
D. Tenth

Question 9: Which of the following parables of Jesus teaches forgiveness? The
A. Unjust steward
B. Rich fool
C. Good Samaritan
D. Prodigal son

Question 10: Christians who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness are blessed because
A. God will be merciful to them.
B. God’s kingdom belongs to them.
C. They shall be comforted.
D. They shall see God.

Question 11: Going round the Kaba is an Islamic religious activity done during
A. Eid-ul-Adha.
B. Eid-ul-Fitr.
C. Hajj.
D. Ramadan.

Question 12: Which Islamic prayer is observed at sunset?
A. Janazah
B. Tarawih
C. Isha
D. Maghrib

Question 13: Traditionalists pray by means of
A. Music and dance.
B. Spirit possession.
C. Pouring libation.
D. Divination.

Question 14: In African Traditional Religion, the living dead are referred to as
A. Bad spirits.
B. Witch doctors.
C. Ancestors.
D. Mediums.

Question 15: One of the reasons for which God created the sea is to
A. Generate hydro-electric power.
B. Reduce soil erosion.
C. Beautify the environment.
D. Collection of offertory and tithe.

Question 16: The most important rite in Christian sacramental worship is the
A. Taking of the Holy Communion.
B. Reading of the Old Testament.
C. Reading of the New Testament.
D. Collection of offertory and tithe.

Question 17: God is called Nyame among the Akans because He is the
A. Creator.
B. Dependable.
C. Ever-living.
D. Supreme Being.

Question 18: Egya Ahor is fondly remembered by the Fante for
A. His miraculous powers.
B. Commanding the golden stool.
C. His resurrection from death.
D. Saving his people.

Question 19: Eid-ul-Adha is celebrated by Muslims to
A. Mark Abraham’s sacrifice to Allah.
B. Remember the death of Muhammad.
C. Mark the end of Ramadan.
D.  Remember the birth of Muhammad.

Question 20: Which of the following is considered when choosing a name for a new born child
A. The weight of the child
B. Tribe of the parents
C. Age of the mother
D.  The baby’s place of birth

Question 21: People cherish the spirit of obedience because it
A. Enhances tolerance.
B. Promotes peace.
C. Creates wealth.
D. Promotes security.

Question 22: Muslims show their commitment to Allah by
A. Dressing modestly.
B. Visiting the mosque every day.
C. Marrying four women.
D. Observing all prescribed rituals.

Question 23: Which of the following is an act of good deed?
A. Giving one’s seat to the elderly
B. Receiving a testimonial
C. Participating in sporting activities
D. Ability to perform one’s assignment

Question 24: Individuals can co-exist peacefully in a community if they
A. Practice each other’s religion.
B. Pray together.
C. Respect each other.
D. Share food together.

Question 25: A student must dress decently because it
A. Is a mark of intelligence.
B. Shows respect and politeness.
C. Enables one to gain favour from others.
D. Helps one to obey school rules.

Question 26: Someone who is respectful and polite is said to be
A. Courteous.
B. Kind.
C. Chaste.
D. Moral.

Question 27: Punishments are meant to
A. Disorganize the offender.
B. Calm the offender.
C. Hurt the offender.
D. Reform the offender.

Question 28: Which of the following is a moral value cherished in Ghanaian society?
A. Service
B. Honesty
C. Tolerance
D. Pride

Question 29: To live a chaste life, one must
A. Attend church service regularly.
B. Be obedient to teachers.
C. Work hard to become rich.
D. Avoid casual sex.

Question 30: Which of the following is not a method of preventing teenage pregnancy?
A. Sex education
B.  Good parental care
C. Peer pressure
D. Avoiding pre-marital sex

Question 31: Good behaviour is exhibited by
A. Staring at elders.
B. Doing what is right.
C. Always studying the scriptures.
D. Praying and fasting.

Question 32: Money is used wisely when
A. Things are bought on credit.
B. It is spent on expensive things.
C.  It is spent on things budgeted for.
D.  It is spent on poor people.

Question 33: Showing respect and obedience to school authority ensures
A. Repentance and forgiveness.
B. Peaceful co-existence.
C. Success in examination.
D. Humility and hard work.

Question 34: A nuclear family begins when
A. Parents live with siblings.
B. Parents ignore their relations.
C. Couples get legally married.
D. Couples have many siblings.

Question 35: Saving money helps the individuals to
A. Plan for the future.
B. Become rich overnight.
C. Attend school regularly.
D. Make more friends.

Question 36: The ant is usually used as a symbol of
A. Love.
B. Commitment.
C. Hard work.
D. Unity.

Question 37: Which of the following functions is performed by Asafo companies?
A. Acting as watchdogs
B. Registration of foreigners
C. Collection of taxes
D. Acting as arbitrators

Question 38: Which of the following activities best offers relaxation?
A. Painting
B. Eating
C. Running
D. Reading

Question 39: Religious Youth Organizations are established to
A. Honour their leaders.
B.  Carry out communal labour.
C. Help protect the natural environment.
D. Defend the interest of the society.

Question 40: Work done to earn income can be described as
A. Home work.
B. Community work.
C. Occupational work.
D. School work.

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