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BECE 2010 Pretech Paper 1

Question 1: Stitches which are removed from an article after serving their purpose are known as
A. joining stitches
B. running stitches
C. temporary stitches
D. permanent stitches

Question 2: What is the common nutrient found in liver and beans?
A. Fats
B. Vitamins
C. Carbohydrates
D. Proteins

Question 3: The most popular method of preserving cassava is
A. smoking
B. freezing
C. drying
D. canning

Question 4: The arrangement of shapes in a picture is known as
A. composition
B. drawing
C. blending
D. toning

Question 5: The most suitable support for drawing is
A. canvas
B. paper
C. rubber
D. wall

Question 6:

Question 7:
Question 8: Graphic designers communicate information that can be
A. seen and heard
B. printed and read
C. seen and read
D. shown and felt

Question 9: The artifact when completed should be able to hold a normal size candle.
This specification is classified as
A. function
B. construction
C. ergonomics
D. aesthetics

Question 10: In design, the process used to determine the strengths and weaknesses of an artifact is
A. analyzing
B. testing
C. realization
D. modification

Question 11: The colour code for a live wire is
A. blue
B. red
C. yellow
D. green

Question 12: Which of the following is not a basic home preventive maintenance of furniture?
A. Strengthening joints
B. Applying new finish
C. Replacing damaged locks
D. Replacing furniture

Question 13: A method for making several identical copies of an artifact is
A. shading
B. drawing
C. printing
D. painting

Question 14: A drawing of vegetation and buildings is
A. landscape
B. imaginative
C. memory
D. portraiture

Question 15: An indirect risk to a sewing industry is
A. low quality products
B. misuse of profits
C. inflation controls
D. increasing capital

Question 16: The snips is used for
A. striking
B. holding
C. measuring
D. cutting

Question 17: Which of the following tools has a lever cap?
A. Bench vice
B. Hacksaw
C. Outside calipers
D. Jack plane

Question 18:
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Question 19:

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Question 20: Which of the following electronic components allows current to flow in only one direction?
A. Inductor
B. Diode
C. Switch
D. Capacitor

Question 21: Which of the following applies to a two-point perspective drawing?
A. Angle of projection is 30°
B. Angle of projection is 60°
C. Object is viewed from a corner
D. Front view is drawn first

Question 22: Which of the following is a physical property of metals?
A. Weight
B. Brittleness
C. Ductility
D. Malleability

Question 23: The body of a spoke shave is made of
A. cast iron
B. mild steel
C. copper
D. lead

Question 24: Which of the following materials is a ferrous metal?
A. Lead
B. Steel
C. Copper
D. Aluminium

Question 25: The most appropriate surface finish for a garden chair is
A. wax polish
B. emulsion paint
C. oil paint
D. sanding sealer

Question 26: One purpose of using a flux in soldering is to
A. prevent formation of oxides
B. wash surfaces of the work
C. heat the soldering iron
D. make the joint neat

Question 27: A fuse wire breaks when there is
A. high voltage
B. excess current
C. low voltage
D. low current

Question 28: Which of the following is the most appropriate instrument for drawing objects in oblique?
A. 30° set square
B. 45° set square
C. Ruler
D. A pair of dividers

Question 29: In orthographic projection, the plan is projected onto the
A. vertical plane
B. horizontal plane
C. side plane
D. auxiliary plane

Question 30: Which of the following is a thermoplastic material?
A. Polyester resin
B. Phenol formaldehyde
C. Polyvinyl chloride
D. Melamine formaldehyde

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