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BECE 2017 Pretech Paper 1

Question 1: A common method of cooking ripe plantain for sale is
A. boiling.
B. roasting.
C. grilling.
D. baking.

Question 2:  To shorten the cooking time for meat,
A. slice along the grain.
B. cut into small pieces.
C. slice into thin pieces.
D. cut across the grain.

Question 3:  In taking body measurement, a firm tape measure is needed to
A. save time.
B. avoid wasting fabric.
C. obtain accuracy.
D. make sewing easy.

Question 4: Which of the following principles of design is similar to proportion?
A. Balance
B. Perspective
C. Rhythm
D. Scale

Question 5: A preliminary design is meant to
A. improve creativity.
B. increase production.
C. make sketches.
D. produce ideas.

Question 6:

Question 7:
Question 8:  A single unit of a design is known as
A. motif.
B. pattern.
C. plan.
D. print.

Question 9: Angles are measured by using a
A. compass.
B. protractor.
C. rule.
D. set square.

Question 10:  In designing, the analysis question, what is the purpose of the unit? falls under
A. construction.
B. ergonomics.
C. function.
D. material.

Question 11: To repair an electrical fault, a safety precaution to observe is to
A. disconnect live wires.
B. remove fuse.
C. remove cover of socket.
D. switch off main supply.

Question 12: Which of the following is not a cause of weakness in furniture?
A. Loose joint
B. Insufficient polish
C. Overloading
D. Removal of nail

Question 13: The tee-square is used for drawing
A. arcs.
B. circles.
C. horizontal lines.
D. vertical lines.

Question 14: Identify the type of lettering used for emphasis.
A. Freestyle
B. Gothic
C. Italics
D. Romans

Question 15: Strips cut on the true cross of fabric are usually used for curved edges because they
A. stretch easily.
B. do not fray.
C. are easily prepared.
D. are colourful.

Question 16: The body of a box-iron is made from
A. aluminium.
B. cast iron.
C. copper.
D. wrought iron.

Question 17: Polyvinyl acetate is a type of
A. abrasive.
B. adhesive.
C. aggregate.
D. finish.

Question 18: The type of aggregate that passes through a 5 mm wire mesh is
A. clay.
B. laterite.
C. sand.
D. stone.

Question 19: Which of the following tools is suitable for pairing on wood?
A. Cross-cut saw
B. Firmer chisel
C. Mortise chisel
D. Rip saw

Question 20:
Question 21:
Question 22: Personal safety is observed on site in order to
A. reduce the risk of damaging tools
B. prevent damage to workpiece.
C. care and maintain tools.
D. prevent accidents to workers.

Question 23:
Question 24:
Question 25:
Question 26:
Question 27:
Question 28:
Question 29: In an electrical circuit, the fuse is connected to the
A. earth wire.
B. live wire.
C. negative wire.
D. neutral wire.

Question 30: Which of the following components helps to open and close a circuit?
A. Cell.
B. Fuse.
C. Plug.
D. Switch.

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